Quality Assurance

Our approach to Quality Control (QC) emphasizes monitoring, evaluating, and measuring performance and concurrently, proactively identifying and mitigating risks. Evergreen has an established Quality Control Program (QCP). Evergreen’s Lead Quality Control Representative (QCR) will be an independent and actively enforce the QCP through written policies, procedures, quality staff and crew training, and spots checks on task performance. At a minimum, our QCP:

  • Provides staff with clear quality guidelines and management expectations.
  • Establishes quality responsibility and accountability.
  • Assures accurate performance tracking.
  • Results in continuous process improvement.
  • Defines inspection, management and operational procedures (i.e. facilities, scheduling, QC, purchasing, environmental management, record keeping and reporting).
  • Evaluates each aspect of business operations and analyzes operational effectiveness.
  • Assesses results honestly and critically to identify changes for improved performance.
  • Incorporates oversight and evaluation of vendor quality.
  • Mitigates performance risk.
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